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People vs. Leigh
(In sentencing a defendant for a first degree felony murder, a court must consider the nature of the offense, the offender, and the relative sentences imposed on the other defendants and assign a relative degree of culpability in a multiple defendant case, and the court must sentence accordingly)

People vs. Stewart
(A court does not have to allow separate trials for each of three separate crimes when charges grow out of a continuing sequence of crimes)

Ritchie vs. Konrad
(A court has no authority to renew a restraining order solely on the protected party's subjective desire that the protective order be extended. The court must consider evidence as to whether or not the protected party's expressed fears were genuine and reasonable. An objective test must be employed)   

People vs. Jacobs and Owens 
(In a joint prosecution for second degree murder and related crimes, the admission of a co-defendant's confession through the testimony of his cellmate is not proper as to the non-declarant defendant)



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